The Lost Coin

An incredible true story by club member John Holton:


When I was living in Houston, about seven years ago, I bought a coin collection consisting of 30 silver dollars. All were common dates, so I just put them away. I found them stashed away in moving boxes here about a year ago. I looked through the dollars and found one dated 1900 and the reverse side had been scraped clean. Someone had inscribed on the coin Chamness, with two names Harrell and Louise, and their birth dates.  Under their names were the children's names, Wallace, Deloris and Harold, and their birth dates. With the help of my girlfriend, we used to find one of Wallace's daughters. Her name is Antoinette Lapagalia. I contacted her and finally sent her the coin. 

As the coin saga continues I received this from Toni. It made both Pam and I feel really good inside. Pam even teared up.

This is from Toni Lapaglia:
"We got the coin it is amazing and i can't believe it made it back to me both of ya'll are rare and wonderful people know few people in this day and age that would go thru all ya'll have done to find me and get me the coin we would be honored to take ya'll to dinner when you come to bryan. I just can't express to u my thanks and gratitude. Harold my dads brother was a miss carriage so i am glad to know the date for him. Again thank you so much and i will be happy to send a donation things are probably desperate with the hurricanes again thank u so much i will keep it in the case u sent it in and it shall be passed down as the last legacy of the chamness name".


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